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 Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the hours of operation?
    • Main Pharmacy: 0800-1800 M-F, 0800-1700 Sa
    • PX Pharmacy (Refills Only): 0900-1800 M-F, 1000-1400 Sa
  • What is the check-in procedure at the pharmacy?

    Patients with a new prescriptions generated from within the health center must take a number and have a seat in the pharmacy waiting area. The ticket will indicate your number -- please wait for your number to be called by overhead announcement and number display. Please have your military I.D. card available when your number is called prior to getting to the window to be served.

  • Can my prescriptions written by an outside (civilian) provider be filled at McDonald Army Health Center?

    Yes. Patients with a new prescription generated by civilian providers should check on the availability of the medication online or check formulary list hanging in the pharmacy display board prior to getting a ticket. If the medication is available please take a number and have a seat in the pharmacy waiting area. The ticket will indicate your number. Please wait for your number to be called by the overhead display. Please have your military I.D. card available when your number is called.

  • Can I call in my refills?

    Yes, all refills must be called in at 7757-878-6834 or toll free at 1-866-878-9321, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No refills are processed at the windows. Note: Refills called in before 1400 will be available in 2 duty days after 1300. Refills called in on Friday will be ready for pick-up on Tuesday after 1300. Refills called in Saturday, Sunday or Monday will be ready on Wednesday after 1300.

  • How long is my handwritten prescription good for?

    Handwritten prescriptions for non-controlled medications will be honored for one year from the date originally written. Prescriptions for controlled items will be honored for six months from the date originally written.

  • How long is my prescription good for once it has been filled?

    Your prescriptions for purposes of refills, are good for 1 year from the date originally written. Occasionally, your provider may specify a shorter period of time that any prescription is good for.

  • Can I get a "cold pack" from the pharmacy?

    Yes. You must complete a Self-Care class offered to Active Duty, Tricare Prime and Tricare Plus beneficiaries enrolled at Fort Eustis, Fort Monroe or Fort Story. Upon completion of the class, a pharmacy medication card will be given enabling class participants to pick-up over-the-counter medications (from a specified list) without a physician visit. Call Community Health Nursing to sign-up for a class at 878-4755 or 878-4756.

  • What is TMOP?

    TMOP stands for TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy. This program allows you to receive 90-day supplies of your prescriptions mailed directly to your house for a small co-pay. The co-payments are as follows:

    • Free for active duty personnel
    • $3 for all other beneficiaries for Generic medications
    • $9 for all other beneficiaries for Brand medications

    This program has it's own list of medications that it carries which can be found at the TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy website. This program is administered by Express Scripts where you can request TMOP refills online. In order to participate in this program you must first have your doctor write you a new prescription for up to a 90-day supply (30-days supply maximum on controlled medications) plus refills. You then mail your prescription and co-pay in the special envelope from Express Scripts (you can request these by calling 1-866-363-8667) and your medications will be processed and mailed back to you usually within 48 hours. You may pay for you prescriptions by using credit card, check or money order. For further questions on this program either call 1-866-363-8667 or visit the TMOP Program page.

  • What network retail pharmacies will honor my TRICARE benefit?

    Use the Pharmacy Locator to find network retail pharmacies near you.

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