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 Occupational Health

  • Workplace Health Hazard Program
  • Physical Evaluation: By appointment – contact 757-314-7500 ext. 44510/44511
    • Civilian Pre-Employment, Annual, and Termination Physical Examination
    • Civilian Pre/Post Deployment Clearance
    • Respiratory Protection Medical Clearance and Spirometry Testing
    • Illness/Absence monitoring (return to work with limitations/restrictions)
    • Workman’s Compensation Physical Examination
  • Screening: Walk-in services @ BLDG 2792B
    • Audiogram Testing and Hearing Conservation Management
    • Vision Screening and Vision Conservation Program
    • Blood Pressure Screening
  • Education and Consultation
    • Hearing Conservation
      • Worksite Hearing Conservation Evaluations – Contact 757-878-8038 or 757-314-7500 ext. 44510
      • Worksite Hearing Conservation Inspections are conducted by OH and IH and are unannounced.
      • Earplug fitting and Hearing screening can be done on a walk in basis at BLDG 2792B
      • Hearing and Hearing Loss Prevention
  • Ergonomics
  • Workmen’s Compensation Information and Reporting: http://www.hrojax.navy.mil/injury_compensation.htm
  • Employee Injured at Work:
  • PERMISS – Guidelines for Reporting & Documenting Job-Related Injuires/Illness:http://www.cpol.army.mil/library/permiss/2904c.html
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Education and Counseling
  • Infection Control/Safety Issues
  • Reportable Disease Sheets and Reporting Forms: Reportable Disease Occurrence
  • Job Related Injuries/Illness in a Healthcare Facility:
  • Pregnant personnel
    •  Preventive Medicine Links

        Preventive Medicine Home
        Environmental Health
        Industrial Hygiene
        Occupational Health
        Public Health
        Food Service and Sanitation
        Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) Program
        Radiation Protection Program
        Swimming Pool Operations
        Drinking Water
        Entomology/Pest Management
        Heat/Cold Injury Protection
        Readiness and Force Protection
        Communicable Disease Program
        Pregnancy Postpartum Wellness Program
        Health Promotion and Education
        Disaster Management
        Child and Youth Services Support
        Deployment Health and Family Readiness
        Fundraiser Foodhandler Training