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 HQ, Alpha Company, Warrior Transition Unit

502 Sternberg Ave, Fort Eustis, VA 23604 Alpha Company, Warrior Transition Unit, Fort Eustis, VA provides command and control, primary care, and case management for service members receiving treatment for wounds suffered while deployed. The unit works to "promote their timely return to the force or transition to civilian life." Soldier in Transition (ST): Any wounded, injured, or ill Soldier with complex medical needs requiring greater than 6 month medical treatment and/or requires a Medical Evaluation Board (MEB). This includes all Soldiers previously assigned to Medical Hold and Medical Holdover Units or on Active Duty Medical Extension (ADME). All Soldiers in Transition will be assigned to a Warrior Transition Unit (WTU) at an Army Medical Treatment Facility. I am a Soldier in Transition. My job is to heal as I transition back to duty, or continue serving the nation as a Veteran in my community. This is not a status, but a mission. I will succeed in this mission because I am a Soldier and I am Army Strong. If you need to reach us during the normal business hours, please call: 314-7500
  • Commander: ext. 4-5001
  • First Sergeant: ext. 4-5003
  • Human Resources/In-Processing: ext. 4-5058
  • 1st Platoon: ext. 4-5006
  • 2nd Platoon: ext. 4-5024
  • 3rd Platoon: ext. 4-5005
  • Family Readiness: ext. 4-5033
  • Ombudsman (If You Need Help) 757-314-7539
If you have an emergency and/or need to reach us after normal duty hours, please call: WTU Staff Duty NCO: 878-1579 ext. 221

Frustrated? Angry? Disappointed? There’s help available. (Click Ombudsman Link Below) Ombusdan

The Army Wounded Soldier and Family Hotline


The Army Wounded Soldier and Family Hotline provides wounded and injured Soldiers and their family members another way to resolve medical issues. The hotline provides an information channel for Soldiers' medical-related issues to go directly to senior Army leadership and is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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